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Dream, Girl Film Screening: Thought Provoking

Dream Girl Movie Poster

I was lucky enough to attend the screening of the movie Dream Girl at the Brockville Arts Centre. I admit I had no clue what this movie, this movement was all about until I viewed the film. I was quite moved by it. Firstly, because visually the images are superb. The mastery of light and camera angles are perfect.

Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhas are the producers of Dream, Girl.

Secondly, this movie brings to light the stories of a number of different women in the business world.

Did you know that?

I am sure everyone’s reaction to the movie is different. For my part, as an small business owner, the stories of these women entrepreneurs push me to continue doing what I do: promoting the inner beauty of every woman through the beauty makeover and glamour photography experience I provide through the photography studio banner: Abelle. The experience isn’t vain. It is about self-acceptance, inner strength, inner beauty, transformation and validation. And that, is totally A-Ok.
Here’s to 2017!

Dream, Girl Postcard