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50 is Fabulous: Elegant Portraits by Abelle Photography

She is a mother, a wife, a teacher and a writer. She pushes young minds to do their best; to work hard and to reach for the stars. She inspires young women to be all they desire to become. She is a great cheerleader and cares for so many around her. She truly is an inspiration to me.

Elegant portraits by Abelle Photography

So without hesitation, J. said yes to this beautiful hair and makeup makeover followed by an elegant portrait photography session held at our boutique apartment. Expert Sharon, an experienced and talented hair & makeup artist, created this natural look for J. I then guided her through this professional photo shoot.

I think now may be the first time I feel the difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful. This talented and creative writer IS beautiful, inside and out.

I love quotes, so I thought I’d throw this one in (makes me sound smart): “Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws its portrait.– Jean-Paul Sartre

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Elegant portrait by Abelle Photography. 03_JMorand_236 12_JMorand_236

Elegant Makeover and Portrait Session: Abelle Photography

She is a beautiful human being. The kind that makes you want to be a better person.
She’s the mother of three, an inspiring teacher, the daughter of a lobster fisherman, a sister to a number of brothers and sisters, she’s an athlete, she’s a loyal friend, she’s an outstanding volunteer. The first years I spent in Brockville, I jokingly said that she was practically on the cover of every local newspapers. She’s awesome. She looks after everyone and puts others first.glamour makeover photography session by Abelle Photography

Well, wouldn’t you know it, last Saturday, she was the queen of the day. She came in for her hair and makeup makeover. She was offered treats and drinks and got ready for her elegant glamour portrait photography session. She worked the camera and slowly gained confidence as a model. By the end, she was a real pro. Hollywood stars have nothing on this woman. (Doesn’t she look like Julia Roberts?) This is how she started her memorable day. She left to spend the rest of her day with friends, family and her loved one. She left ready to take on the world. She felt empowered. 17_NBoudreau_235-2

There are many other images from this beautiful shoot. If you wish to see more like these as well as some behind the scenes, click here: 

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Hair & makeup:
Styling and photography assistance: Laureleen Debat