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Fall in love with yourself: Abelle Portrait Studio

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Fall in love with yourself: portrait promotion for Valentine's Day by Abelle.

Many female clients put portraits of their loved ones on their wall. Some women admit they feel vain displaying a portrait of themselves. Yet, they have no difficulty having their partner’s portrait or their children’s in the home.

Think an 8 x 10 is large?!
This image is 16 inches by 20 inches and professionally framed in a 20 x 24 frame.
Every morning, this is N’s reminder of how uniquely beautiful she is.

Women clients tell me they are not photogenic, that they dislike their arms, their double-chin, their thighs, their behinds, their hooded eyelids, etc. In the last 20 years I have heard it all!

Fine art boutique portrait photography. Abelle Studio.

So I have a challenge for women, this Valentine’s Day. How about honouring your unique beauty? That inner beauty that is uniquely yours. That beauty that is earned in a life of raising children, staying in or leaving a marriage or long-term relationship, caring for aging parents, losing a loved one, going back to school, building a business, embracing retirement, etc. The beauty that comes from a life lived to its fullest.

The unique features that define your body image create an energy that is perceptible in a portrait. Energy, passion and sparkle cannot be Photoshopped into an image. Those are superpowers that you bring to the photo shoot.

9-up portrait sequence.

Hanging portraits of yourself in your home, reminds you of how uniquely beautiful you are. It lets the other members of the family know you are as important as they are. It is a great way to model self-love and acceptance to younger family members. If nothing else, you leave a legacy-portrait of yourself to those who love you. More importantly, it may change the way you see yourself.

Boutique portrait studio: Abelle Wedding and Portrait Photography. Montreal. Brockville, Canada.
Boutique portrait photography studio: Montreal, Brockville Canada.

In the beauty magazine-style photoshoot experience, we go after your sparkle. Your inner light. The styling of the photo session is customized. It can be as casual or as glamorous (or both) as you wish it to be. You decide.

Request the Magazine-style photoshoot brochure here.

Boutique portrait studio photography printed on canvas.

Abelle Photographie Fine Art Portraiture: New Portfolio Boxes and Prints

Fine art quality black portfolio boxes

Isn’t this adorable? For your coffee table or your bookcase perhaps?




















This is so exciting! After some investigation and a good word from our fellow photographer Barbara, I finally tested out Finao’s and Seldex’s portfolio boxes. I couldn’t wait to get the parcel. They are so great; we’ve introduced them into our line of quality custom photography products. The professional mounted prints are exquisite. They feature quality printing and are presented in an acid-free premium white cotton fiber mat. Kristyn at Finao worked on those herself and she did a super job.

The portfolio box is delicious. We’ve chosen black brocade. This box comes with -what else?- a tie ribbon. The whole set feels and looks luxurious. We want to include a cutsy tabletop easel with each box. That way you can showcase your professional family portrait photos, your private and sexy boudoir images, your intimate and sweet professional pregnancy and maternity photographs or your precious Montreal or Ottawa wedding photos. To see more images like these and to browse through our lineup of fine photography products visit:

Let them out!! Get those image files out of USB keys, CDs and hard drives! Let them embellish your life! When it comes to digital media storage devices, the saying is: “it isn’t if your drive fails but rather when it fails.“ Please let your images out of your USB memory sticks and do them justice. Invest in archival quality prints. They never crash!

Black quality portfolio box with a premium matted fine art print

You can change the print or prints you showcase over time. The prints are ready for framing.


White metal tabletop easel

Easels come in white or black in various sizes: 9 in, 11 in and 13 in.

Mounted professional wedding image

Show off your precious wedding images.

Mounted professional family portrait image

Display your family photographs and change them over time.

Black fine art quality portfolio box with ribbon

Ribbon? Did you say ribbon? If there is a ribbon shortage in your area, come to me!