Personal Branding Portraits for KVA Collections: Abelle Portraits Studio

Working with this lady, whose love for clothes and shoes is contagious, was a lot of fun. She is the owner of KVA Collections, the stylish closet for women. Her outfit selection made this personal branding studio portrait session run smoothly. Notice how the necklines, colours, accessories and fit of these pieces (like the beautiful off-white jacket) all complement Kristine’s natural curves, skin tone, hair style and beauty. Wish I had access to her expertise all of the time. Corporate portrait studio photographer

Brockville corporate portrait photography studio

With a focus on Canadian designed clothing collections, KVA Collections offers a variety of quality garments to suit all ages, sizes and lifestyles. Located just 10 minutes north of Kingston, Kristine will assist you in discovering quality clothing paired with personalized fashion advice. She will help you create a look that is perfect for your lifestyle, body type, and fashion sense.Glamour makeover and portrait photography studioGlamour makeover and portrait photography studioGlamour makeover and portrait photography studioAbelle: Corporate portraits photography studio

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Lip color: Raven by Nude Stix
Hair: by Brian Donaldson at Avenue Studio in Kingston
Makeup: Maddison Moore
Photography: Abelle

Brockville family portrait photography

Abelle Portraits Mother’s Day Promo: Another Chapter

The Mother’s Day Promotion held last spring led to this family portrait photo shoot. During the pre-shoot phone consultation, it was made clear that the goal behind this studio photo session was “to capture the children at their age.“ In essence, isn’t this what photography does: stop time?

Brockville family portrait photography
This session was really four mini-sessions built into one, combining individual magazine-style photos with family portraits. This is certainly possible and makes for a busy fun-filled day.

This session also coincided with another milestone for this family: their nest will start emptying out as the eldest daughter is leaving for university once school starts again this Fall.

Brockville family and portrait photo studio

Brockville family portrait photography session held in Abelle Portraits StudioBrockville family portrait photography session held in Abelle Portraits Studio

If you wish to combine different types of photo shoots, make sure you pack a variety of outfits and that you eat your “Wheaties“ in the morning. Energy helps you stay alert for the duration of the photography session. I will guide you and help you plan for this ahead of time.

So, when was the last time you and your family were photographed professionally?

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It was a pleasure for Erica, Angélique and I to create these family portraits.
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Photography assistance: Angelique Gravelle
Hair and makeup: Erica Wright
Direction and photography: Isabelle of

This family’s professional services include: Thousand Island Hearing Clinic and Brockville Chiropractic and Health Associates.

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Mother’s Day Portrait Sessions, Chapter 1 : Abelle

In early April, we carried out a Mother’s Day Portrait promotion. After seeing the ad in the local paper, this young woman (Jody), mother of two little munchkins and professional massage therapist, contacted me. She needed to update her family portraits. I convinced her to come early and get portraits of her done as well. We had the phone consultation; went over Abelle’s Getting-Ready Guide and set a date. She gets an A+ for having selected great outfits and accessories for her and her children.

The session was split into two parts. First, we took care of her. Kathy worked her magic with Jodys hair and makeup. Abelle portrait studio photo sessionWe photographed her in various outfits. Her grace and beauty in the portraits are remarkable. She got more and more comfortable in front of the camera as the session progressed.Glamour portrait photography studio: Abelle

Secondly, her two precious munchkins arrived. We then set up a fast paced portrait session that included giggles and a snack break.

Family Portrait photography studio:

Family Portrait photography studio:

Lastly, I saw Jody again for her reveal and sales session. She went home with a set of precious portraits for her home.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in creating these priceless portraits for your family.

H&MU: Kathy of Winx Artistry
Photo assistance: Angelique Gravelle
Photography: Isabelle Bouchard

Les 9 ans de Mlle C.: Abelle Photographie

C’est avec sa robe de première communion, une crinoline en tulle, des ailes d’ange (oui, oui, vous avez bien lu) et des ongles d’orteils presque propres que Mlle C s’est fait photographier au studio. Seule. En lumière naturelle. Par un samedi matin tranquille.


Abelle family portrait photography studio: Portraits of a child

Il y a presque exactement deux ans, elle était venue au studio se faire photographier avec maman. C’est fou ce qu’elle a grandit depuis ce temps-là.

Family portrait photography studio in Brockville

Mlle C. en 2015

Les enfants, c’est du bonbon. Ils se donnent sans réserve, sans gêne. C’est pourquoi ils sont si photogéniques. Donc,  à la base, tout le monde est photogénique. Il s’agit de faire confiance et se laisser diriger pendant la session photo.

Abelle family portrait photography studio: Portraits of children.

Abelle family portrait photography studio: children portraits.

Abelle family portrait photography studio: Portraits of a child

Abelle family portrait photography studio: Portraits of a child

Maintenant, Mlle C. a des devoirs. En plus de devoir apprendre le violon :),  elle doit aussi choisir quelles images et grandeurs de cadres elle mettra sur le mur de sa nouvelle chambre.

Les autres images de la session de portraits en studio sont visibles ici.

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family portrait photographed by Abelle

Mother-Daughter Contemporary Portrait Photo Session: Abelle

This beautiful and talented woman is a loving life partner to a lucky man and mother of two smart, confident and funny young girls. She is a great role model to her daughters who are beautiful inside and out.  Kathy is a professional makeup artist, owner of Winx Artistry.

glamour portrait photographer:

Glamour portrait photography studio

I have the pleasure of working with this incredible artist on beauty makeover and magazine-style portrait sessions we create for women in our studio.

Abelle Brockville family photographer

There are no words to describe what I feel knowing these portraits will now be part of this family’s home and legacy. This is why I do what I do.
PS: Photographer’s secret tip: tickling was involved in the feature image.

Personal Branding Photo Shoot: Abelle Portrait Studio

Abelle studio beauty portrait photography. Corporate portraits.

Abelle studio beauty portrait photography. Corporate portraits.

When it comes to your business’ image, what are some of the key design elements that make up your brand? Color scheme, shapes, keywords or phrases, etc.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, you are also part of the brand. The language you use, your demeanour in public and personality are intimately connected to the brand you create.Abelle studio beauty portrait photography. Corporate portraits.

It is with this in mind that Stephanie approached this shoot. She wanted portraits that were strong and powerful. So we kept things simple and understated. This woman is stunning. The challenge was to keep this shoot from turning into a beauty portrait shoot.

This woman is is a force to be reckoned with.  She is a leader in her community and an expert in the field of holistic health. New Leaf Wellness offers inspiration, guidance and healing. Curious about what holistic health is about? Find out more about this beautiful master through the website and Facebook page.

Hair & Makeup: Erica Wright HMUA
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Portraits for Mother’s Day: Abelle

When your children go looking for images of you, their mother, what will they find?

It is time you stood in front of the camera. For your children. For you.

Mother daughter portrait

Abelle Brockville portrait studio.

Special Gift Vouchers available at our Brockville portrait studio. On-location option available (Montreal and Eastern Townships, Qc). This special offer valid until Sunday May 14, 2017.
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On-location Natural Light Portrait Photo Shoot: Abelle

Where were you during this last snow storm? I was snowed in. In Sutton. Snow heaven. With St-Patrick’s day a couple of days away, I felt the Celtic vibe. So I played with glass and shot these portraits. In natural window light. In the recreational room. Next to the piano.

This is Edith, mother of two and professional organizer at Haven Maven. If you don’t know what a professional organizer does, then find out. Everyone needs one at one time or other. This service will transform your life. We had already shot a corporate head shot session and created a casting portfolio for Edith. This session was a styled beauty photography session.

About the photography sessions:
When you reserve your photo shoot, we map it out ahead of time, in person, over phone or via Skype. This is to ensure we produce portraits/images that reflect the look, feel, theme and emotions you wish to convey. That is true for all types of photo sessions: glamour, lifestyle, family, boudoir, pregnancy or corporate head shots. Having a planned photo session is reassuring, is more time-efficient and keeps us focused. It is also a whole lot of fun!

abelle photography studio natural light portrait

abelle photography studio natural light portrait

abelle photography studio natural light portrait

The f/1.4 beauty.



abelle photography studio natural light portrait

This one is going on her wall, for sure: 16″ x 20″ or larger!

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New Business Venture Calls for New Portraits by Abelle

2017 has been and is on an upswing for many people around me. This momentum seems to have taken over Cara’s professional life. Corporate portrait taken in studio by Abelle Photography, Brockvill

She called me out of the blue telling me how much she needed a new personal branding image. How this new business venture was important and scary for her. How she needed to treat herself to this: the pampering hair and makeup session that takes place prior to the corporate photography session.

Corporate portrait taken in studio by Abelle Photography, Brockvill

Abelle Portraits studio: corporate portrait photography.

Corporate portrait taken in studio by Abelle Photography, Brockville Ontario

Abelle Portraits studio: a corporate portrait photoshoot.

Cara, we wish you all the best in this your new adventure at HQ Mortgage Inc.Corporate portrait taken in studio by Abelle Photography, Brockville Ontario

Hair and makeup: Winx Artistry
Contact Cara Holden for your next mortgage at HQ Mortgages Inc.
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The Reveal Wall: Abelle Portraits’ Wall of Fame

We’d love to have you on our wall.

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