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Abelle family portrait photographer

Before and After Baby Number Three: Family Portrait Sessions

This next photo shoot, actually photo shoots, is of a gorgeous family of 5. Made up of three little boys who are full of beans, a mom and a dad, a dog and chickens. There is never a dull moment in this household.
Only a few weeks after delivering baby number 3, she was out on the ski hill with the two oldest boys.Abelle family portrait photography

Abelle family portrait photography Abelle family portrait photography studio Abelle family portrait photography

Then came boy number 3: Grayson.Abelle family portrait photographer Abelle family portrait photographer

When I met them this Fall, they were just finishing some major home renovations including an entire addition. Where they find the energy, I don’t know. All I know is that this family is GORGEOUS, friendly, funny and authentic. I love them to bits.

Abelle family portrait photographer Abelle family portrait photography studio

People often ask What do you do? “I am a photographer’ isn’t enough“. This is what I do: I photograph connections and love and give families heirloom images of moments. Portraits that will stand the test of time. It is an honour and a privilege to do this for people and their families.

Mother’s Day Portrait Sessions, Chapter 1 : Abelle

In early April, we carried out a Mother’s Day Portrait promotion. After seeing the ad in the local paper, this young woman (Jody), mother of two little munchkins and professional massage therapist, contacted me. She needed to update her family portraits. I convinced her to come early and get portraits of her done as well. We had the phone consultation; went over Abelle’s Getting-Ready Guide and set a date. She gets an A+ for having selected great outfits and accessories for her and her children.

The session was split into two parts. First, we took care of her. Kathy worked her magic with Jodys hair and makeup. Abelle portrait studio photo sessionWe photographed her in various outfits. Her grace and beauty in the portraits are remarkable. She got more and more comfortable in front of the camera as the session progressed.Glamour portrait photography studio: Abelle

Secondly, her two precious munchkins arrived. We then set up a fast paced portrait session that included giggles and a snack break.

Family Portrait photography studio: Abelle.ca

Family Portrait photography studio: Abelle.ca

Lastly, I saw Jody again for her reveal and sales session. She went home with a set of precious portraits for her home.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in creating these priceless portraits for your family.

H&MU: Kathy of Winx Artistry
Photo assistance: Angelique Gravelle
Photography: Isabelle Bouchard

Montreal Family Photo Session: Abelle photographie

Rewind to July 14, 2012. One of the warmest days on record. A & C tied the knot at Auberge des Gallant. I went through 2 sweat wristbands and drank 3 liters of water in one afternoon photographing their wedding.

Fast forward to 2015: V is a newcomer to this beautiful, funny and endearing family. It was time for new family photographs so that’s what we did last Sunday morning.
These images were created with the wonderful help of dogs, a bubble gun and a sippy cup.
Family portrait photo session.

Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session.

Session de photographie professionnelle, Montréal et Ottawa: le cadeau idéal.

C’est le cadeau parfait: il ne requiert aucune pile, chargeur ni mise à jour. Il est ajusté à toutes les tailles et il plaît à plusieurs différents types de personnes. La session de photographie professionnelle fait toujours énormément plaisir. L’expérience est déjà très agréable en elle-même (demandez à nos sujets) et le résultat, des souvenirs indélébiles de qualité, l’est tout autant. Les services de photographie de portrait sont disponibles dans la grande région de Montréal (Montérégie, Estrie, Rive-Nord) que dans celle d’Ottawa. Un coup de fil ou courriel suffit pour réserver un chèque-cadeau.

Photograph of a father holding his baby son.

Papa et fiston d’un mois.

Newborn Photography Session: Julie + Mark = Liam

We met at the Elegant Wedding Show in 2010. They were married at Chantecler, near Montreal, in January of 2012. Their real-wedding story made it to the pages of Wedding Bells. They attended my 40th surprise barn-dance birthday party, and now I’m pleased to introduce their son Liam. We spent most of the day together and between feeding, diaper changes and giggles, we created these amazing family portraits. How cute is this?

Here is a link to Liam’s image gallery: http://abelle.ca/bebe-portrait

photo of a newborn baby and his mother

Baby Liam and mother

Liam and mother sitting under a tree

Liam and mother sitting under a tree.

newborn baby in a basket

Liam in a basket.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Newborn's tiny foot

Liam’s tiny toes.

Looking at mother and father

Tender moment with mom and dad.

Another family portrait.

Another tender family moment.

Sleeping baby resting on father's shoulder.

Liam resting on his father’s shoulder.


Picture of a baby crying.

The Christmas Grinch

Afternoon Tea with The Queen’s Crumb: Snapshot of a Corporate Portrait

Abelle photographie

The Queen, her work and her castle. 🙂

Abelle photographie portraiture

Melissa Doherty: owner of The Queen’s Crumb

She’s sweet, delightful, bubbly, genuine, talented, sophisticated and passionate. She is the queen of The Queen’s Crumb. Her name is Melissa and she is the talented artist behind Ottawa’s premier cake and confectionery company operating in Ottawa’s Westboro district. She left a paralegal career to pursue her passion. To top it off, she also has great marketing and business flair! http://queenscrumb.ca

We met at the Millisle Bed and Breakfast in Merrickville, Ontario on a super hot and muggy Summer afternoon. The Millisle B & B is a historical three-storey Victorian mansion. Check out this elegant Bed & Breakfast here: http://www.bbcanada.com/millislebb

We had to stay focused on the corporate portraits we wanted to create as we could have easily photographed for days in this sumptuous historical gem. I was thinking that a Boudoir photo shoot there would be absolutely divine!

Although I mostly photograph people in intimate settings such as weddings, anniversaries and family portrait sessions, we were trying to create portraits that were not too square. The goal is to portray a person’s personality through the images. Here are some images of the woman and artist behind The Queen’s Crumb. How did we do?

Ottawa photographer Abelle photographie

Abelle photographie's portrait of The Queen's Crumb

Melissa Doherty enjoying High Tea and some of her sweet creations. Wedding cake by The Queen's CrumbA sample of The Queen’s Crumb’s wedding cakes.





Mother-Daughter Family Portrait Shoot near Montreal by Abelle Photographie

A few weeks after Mother’s Day we sneaked into a park, located in Ile Perrot close to Montreal, to capture some awesome portraits of mothers and their daughters. Actually, we didn’t plan it that way. The shoot was a large farewell get-together consisting of 5 families where family portraits were to take place. We took a few moments to photograph mothers and their daughters. The light was perfect, the mood was light and the love between the lovely ladies very tangible. Here is one of the many images we shot.