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Beauty Makeover and In-Studio Elegant Photography Session: Abelle Portraits

This elegant lady and I are connected. We come from the same little farm town. A town so small it wasn’t even on the map when I was growing up: Iron Hill, Quebec.

She says she came upon journalism later on in life. She is a freelance writer, marketer and TV producer and host. She is also an avid community supporter and promoter of the community in which she lives and serves. She has an knack for networking. Listening to her talk about her engagements for the upcoming week made me tired. She is a vivacious, curious, inspiring and authentic.

She came fully prepared for the session. During the pre-shoot consultation, we talked about what to wear and how to get ready for the shoot. We discussed outfit choices: colours, material, necklines, textures and accessories. I would give her an A+ for the getting ready part of the shoot. This made things easier for us during the photography session. I feel the portraits below are the result of a great team effort.

Abelle makeover portrait photography session

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Erica Wright MUA worked her magic during the beauty makeover session. The result is stunning. I love Doreen’s short strawberry blond hair and those blues eyes. (Somehow the images of Anne Murray and a younger Judi Dench kept popping up in my mind during the photo shoot. Do you see it too?). She didn’t even look at her reflection once the hair and makeup transformation was finished. Then, together we created these elegant photographs.
Thank you Doreen for this memorable opportunity.

Empowering Women One Makeover Beauty Portrait At a Time: Abelle Photography

Women. We are strong and vulnerable at the same time. We love our sibblings, family, partners and children to bits. We love to have photographs of the people we love in our space. When the camera is turned toward us, many of us don’t feel pretty enough. ”I’ll get my photograph taken when I lose 10 pounds, when I get my hair cut or colored, when I get a tan,… Not me. Not now.”

The makeover and beauty portrait photoshoot experience is fun. The beautiful photographs created are secondary. It’s the experience, the pampering session that often leads to the start of a beautiful transformation that is more than skin deep. Women feel empowered.
Exist in photographs is a beautiful movement that strives to change that. Photographs of you are the best gift you can give the people in your life. #existinphotos.

For more images of this makeover beauty portrait session: http://abelle.ca/mother-daughter-beauty-makeover-photoshoot

Newborn Photography Session: Julie + Mark = Liam

We met at the Elegant Wedding Show in 2010. They were married at Chantecler, near Montreal, in January of 2012. Their real-wedding story made it to the pages of Wedding Bells. They attended my 40th surprise barn-dance birthday party, and now I’m pleased to introduce their son Liam. We spent most of the day together and between feeding, diaper changes and giggles, we created these amazing family portraits. How cute is this?

Here is a link to Liam’s image gallery: http://abelle.ca/bebe-portrait

photo of a newborn baby and his mother

Baby Liam and mother

Liam and mother sitting under a tree

Liam and mother sitting under a tree.

newborn baby in a basket

Liam in a basket.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Newborn's tiny foot

Liam’s tiny toes.

Looking at mother and father

Tender moment with mom and dad.

Another family portrait.

Another tender family moment.

Sleeping baby resting on father's shoulder.

Liam resting on his father’s shoulder.


Picture of a baby crying.

The Christmas Grinch