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Abelle portrait photography studio

“With the right glasses, a girl can conquer the world.”

I received a call a few months ago from Meredith. We knew each other without my realizing. We used to attend the same spin class and the local gym. This woman is a machine on and off the bike!

During the styling phone consultation, we discussed how she wanted to be photographed. The photography session we were going to create together had this purpose: to celebrate her uniqueness.
For one, her idol is Iris Apfel. They seem to share a love for funky, out-of-the-ordinary and stylish glasses. Secondly, her love of textures and colors in clothes made for very different looks during the shoot.

After going over general guidelines and tips about what to wear and what to bring to the photo shoot, I shortly received an email with four pictures. She had put together four different outfits, including accessories and footwear, and photographed each one. To say this woman is organized is an understatement.

This woman is a powerhouse. She is a published author. She wrote Road to the Rainbow: A Personal Journey to Recovery from an Eating Disorder Survivor. She also works for the local hospital Foundation and is an amazing, caring, inspiring and generous human being.

Which of the four styles of glasses do you prefer?

Meredith’s book, published by CCB Publishing: Road to the Rainbow is available on Amazon.

Hair & makeup by the fabulous and talented Madison Moore.

Meredith is wearing Lise Watier’s Nude Addiction on her lips.

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Elegant Makeover & Portrait Session: Abelle Fine Portraits

Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: Abelle
This lady came in contact with me through a member of local business woman, Lorrie Brown of L.B. Office Admin, member of BWB. She drove from Ottawa for this experience:  a hair and makeup pampering session (Thank you Erica) followed by a portrait photo shoot. There are many reasons why women wish to sit in the makeup chair and come to our portrait studio. In this case, the reason was simple: she wanted to do something special for herself.

Beauty makeover photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: Abelle
Her resting face is a contagious grin. Not smiling is difficult for her and it made the session fun.
I think she loved the result. I know I do. Here are some of our favorite images.


Beauty Makeover and In-Studio Elegant Photography Session: Abelle Portraits

This elegant lady and I are connected. We come from the same little farm town. A town so small it wasn’t even on the map when I was growing up: Iron Hill, Quebec.

She says she came upon journalism later on in life. She is a freelance writer, marketer and TV producer and host. She is also an avid community supporter and promoter of the community in which she lives and serves. She has an knack for networking. Listening to her talk about her engagements for the upcoming week made me tired. She is a vivacious, curious, inspiring and authentic.

She came fully prepared for the session. During the pre-shoot consultation, we talked about what to wear and how to get ready for the shoot. We discussed outfit choices: colours, material, necklines, textures and accessories. I would give her an A+ for the getting ready part of the shoot. This made things easier for us during the photography session. I feel the portraits below are the result of a great team effort.

Abelle makeover portrait photography session

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Erica Wright MUA worked her magic during the beauty makeover session. The result is stunning. I love Doreen’s short strawberry blond hair and those blues eyes. (Somehow the images of Anne Murray and a younger Judi Dench kept popping up in my mind during the photo shoot. Do you see it too?). She didn’t even look at her reflection once the hair and makeup transformation was finished. Then, together we created these elegant photographs.
Thank you Doreen for this memorable opportunity.

30-Something Beauty Portrait Photo Shoot: Abelle Portraits

This is what 30 looks like:

Glamour portrait photoshoot Ottawa
She is a tall, beautiful, independent and intelligent woman.She is bilingual. She is funny. She loves to travel. She is a role-model for her students. She is a fashion police and has used her authority on me. 🙂 She is a 2016 bride. Jean-Pierre Ferland said it best: C’est à 30 ans que les femmes sont belles. These are a few of Gen’s beauty portraits taken in natural light on a quiet Sunday morning.
Merci G2.
Ottawa portrait photographer Ottawa Glamour Makeover photo shoot portrait Makeover photography session Brockville portrait photographer#existinphotos

Whether you are 29 forever or 72, what are you celebrating?


Elegant Beauty Makeover and Studio Photo Shoot: Abelle Fine Portraits

We met at a business luncheon. Months later, Ms Judy contacted me. She was ready for her beauty makeover and glamour photo shoot experience. This natural beauty moved so well in front of the camera. These are a few of the dozens of stunning portraits we created in the studio. Below is what she had to say about the shoot.

Makeover glamour photography session

“I want to share how enjoyable my experience was during my beauty makeover and photo shoot with Isabelle. It is so nice that we have this service available right here in Brockville. I arrived at the studio and was made to feel very comfortable. Isabelle explained the process to put me at ease and we started with a couple of ‘before’ shots. I then moved into another room for the transformation of my hair and makeup with Erica. This was fun and I learned tidbits of advice regarding doing makeup and using hair product. Once the hair and makeup was completed, Isabelle had chosen some outfits from the clothes I had brought along for the photo shoot and we began the photography session. I will admit that I was a little nervous but she put me completely at ease. It is amazing to watch her at work creating the perfect lighting and poses. With a few simple words, she was able to direct me to create poses that were not only artistic but also strategically made me look the most beautiful, slender and relaxed before the camera. We changed outfits and with each one Isabelle was able to create the perfect pose for the mood expressed by that piece of clothing.

I must admit, in my family I have always been the one taking photos of everyone else. Rarely will you see me in pictures taken a family events or vacations. I have felt awkward in front of the camera, never knowing quite how to smile or what facial expressions to give. Isabelle was a genius at giving me directions to elicit the look she wanted to evoke. It was effortless and fun and I felt more beautiful than ever before.

Once the photos were processed, I came back to the studio to view the finished products. I was amazed at how lovely the photographs looked with just the right lighting, poses and expressions. There were so many great shots it was difficult to choose which ones I wanted.

Thank you Isabelle for such a great experience and highly recommend having a beauty makeover photo shoot. I guarantee you will never realize the beauty others see in you until you have your own session.”
Makeover glamour photography session Makeover glamour photography session OttawaAbelle Glamour portrait studio photo session Makeover glamour photography session

I also wanted to share a bit about Judy’s interesting life: 
“I have had several careers in my life: physiotherapist, lactation consultant, scuba dive master, business administrator; also hockey/baseball/lacrosse mom to two sons and a boat racing wife to a hydroplane boat racer.

Currently I am an author of an action/adventure novel with a message: Voices in the Wilderness (by Judith Utman). I have recently embarked on a new adventure taking a modelling and acting course for a new phase in my life. Who knows where this will take me! This photo shoot is a wonderful experience for modelling in the future.”

For more images of Judy’s session:  Click here