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Abelle Photography business headshot Brockville

Woman of Influence: Part III

I photographed this trailblazing woman back in 2016.

circa 2016

Now, she needed updated headshots. She is the host of Reader’s Corner and F.Y.I. on

Business headshot by Abelle Portraits
circa 2023

Doreen brings a wealth of experience and passion to all she does.  Doreen is curious about and engaged in the community. She is a woman of influence.

With the collaboration of Samantha, makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Raw Beauty Cosmetology @rawbeautycosmetology, we created new business headshots.

Hair and makeup makeover portrait session
Samantha, the artist, at work.
Abelle Photography business headshot Brockville

The Pre-Shoot Consultation is an important step in this experience. It helps make the portrait session flow.

It may not look like it but getting photographed demands energy on the subject’s part. It is essential we work efficiently and that we have a good idea of the must-have shots we want to create. During the consultation, we map out the shoot by discussing looks, outfits, accessories, etc. We also get clear on the purpose of each business headshot while allowing for spontaneous additions or changes.

Doreen, being a returning client, has mastered the art of outfit selection. We were able to choose outfits with matching accessories to fit the different portraits needed.

Accessories aren’t necessary but are a nice complement to an outfit
to provide a slightly different look.
Abelle headshot studio
Abelle photography studio Brockville
Showcasing the independently published novel
by Neville Johnson: The Naked and the Damned.

Country Music Star: Another Woman of Influence in the Arts

A year ago, Jessica came to me with an exciting request: to create images that visually translate the lyrics from her latest music. This styled music cover portrait session was another opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and practice my craft.

Her songs talk of her hometown (Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, Québec), her ties to Newfoundland and Labrador, her Metis heritage, and the sea.

“Love of the coast that flows through my soul.”

I’ve never been to Blanc-Sablon, and the mighty St-Lawrence river isn’t quite the Atlantic ocean. However, the frozen waterway, ice, and snow would have to do. We needed to figure out a way to bridge the 2500-kilometer gap!

The majestic Thousand Islands is one of the country’s most beautiful places to live. At the time of the photo shoot, we had arctic-like temperatures and ice thick enough to drive over. So we had a lot to work with.

One of the cameras froze a few times. Luckily, I had other camera bodies that my assistant kept warm so we could rotate them. The light meter was indiscernible so I couldn’t tell if the shot was properly exposed or not. The LCD screen on the back used up too much battery power so I couldn’t check the shots. Another camera’s digital sensor went wonky and added weird noise to the image files. I had to rely on my instinct and experience hoping the images would turn out. They did. I love the results.

This may sound strange but it felt like I was guided toward the settings I should be using. As I lost access to the digital controls, the cameras became simple metal boxes that let light in. It felt like my gut instinct was guiding me to only look at the scene and make this woman’s essence shine through.

At various moments during the photography session, the sun came out from behind the clouds and provided the most perfect halo around her body. I had natural rim light outside the photo studio! How awesome was that?

Also used during this shoot were “Hot Shots”. Lots of “Hot Shots” for the crew and the artist’s mittens and socks. Although it was well below zero, we stayed toasty warm. We had mapped out the shoot beforehand and we were very efficient. We had to be.

Jessica Lavallee’s music is everywhere online. Her first single is called Small Town Girl. You may stream it here:

Woman of influence: Part II

Stop them from scrolling past your service, your offer of value or your product.

Portrait of a woman laughing out loud.
Cara is a mortgage broker at:

Cara came to us looking for clean, clear, fun and polished portraits that would convey her business values. She wanted to showcase how relatable she is, how easy it is to get a mortgage with her expertise, how trustworthy and funny she is: she is always up for a good joke.

That is what we kept in mind when we created and styled the custom shoot. The wardrobe and the hair and makeup services were chosen with those values and themes in mind.

People’s online attention span continues to get shorter and shorter. People don’t read much of the content online but images (still and motion) capture the viewers’ attention. Attractive portraits help capture their focus. Make sure you add your contact information and invite them to connect. Make it easy for them to use your service. The world needs that service, expertise or product that only you can create and provide.

To find out about what your shoot could look and feel like, contact us:

Woman of influence: part I

This woman is a positive, influential and active contributor to our community. We both come from the same small rural village and ended up here in Brockville. I like to think it was fate that we both ended up in the beautiful Thousand Islands region! Meet the inquisitive and talented Doreen. She is a producer on the local television network. Watch her as she interviews local personalities on the F.Y.I. show that airs on weekdays.

A bright, uplifting, clean and professional headshot of you helps viewers to stop scrolling and inquire about your business or the services you offer.

If you’d like to update your business headshot, please drop us a line or give us a call: (514) 259-5006.

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La carte Abelle: le cadeau parfait. • Abelle Gift Cards: the perfect gift.

Abelle photography studio gift cards.

Give the gift of professional portraits: they are a priceless, timeless and tasteful gift. For the entrepreneur in need of an updated headshot, for the family that keeps growing and expanding or for that special someone who always hides behind the camera. The Abelle photo shoot experience is memorable.
Starting at 100$ and available in increments of 100$. Available online.
Call us or write to us for details.

Une idée-cadeau d’une valeur inestimable: des portraits professionnels en studio ou à l’extérieur. Pour la personne qui a besoin d’une nouvelle image pour son entreprise, pour la famille qui grandit ou pour la personne qui mérite que sa beauté intérieure soit immortalisée. L’expérience photo Abelle est inoubliable.
En coupures de 100$. Ces bons-cadeaux sont offerts en ligne.

Brockville family portrait photographer
Professional Male business headshot
514 259.5006

Country wedding portrait of a couple in Knowlton shot by

R & F: l’amour dans les collines

Cette vue est certainement une des plus belles de la région. Cette région est assurément une des plus belles de la province. Ces collines verdoyantes, façonnées par l’activité agricole, ont été l’arrière-plan de l’enfance de R. On croirait entendre Julie Andrews chanter les collines en vie dans La mélodie du bonheur.

Pour R., fille de producteur porcin, cette journée, c’était son rêve de petite fille: se marier dans le champ sur la ferme. Une pandémie mondiale est venue ébranler ce rêve, à plus d’une reprise. Quoiqu’il en soit, ce rêve est devenu réalité. Pendant quelques heures, le temps s’est arrêté et tous les amis et proches de R et F ont pu respirer et partager leur bonheur contagieux.

Comme une star, R. enfile sa robe de mariée dans une autocaravane
stationnée tout près du site.
Ah… lumière d’automne quand tu nous tiens.

La beauté naturelle du site et la simplicité du décor ont servi de trame de fond pour ces amoureux authentiques, sportifs et comiques.

Au cœur de la journée étaient la famille et les amis de longue date puis ceux et celles rencontré(e)s durant les plus récents chapitres. Tout ce beau monde s’est réuni dans le champ. La pluie était menaçante en matinée.

Puis, comme par magie, lors des photos du couple nuptial, des faisceaux de soleil les ont éclairés.

La soirée s’est terminée, à quelques kilomètres du site, au Domaine Château Bromont. Les convives ont apprécié le coucher de soleil automnal sur la terrasse.

Vieux-village de Bromont.

Celebrating Mamans: What will you leave them?

There are very few images of my mother. Even fewer of us, her children, with her. Like most mothers of her generation or mothers in general, delivering, nursing, potty training, and raising children was/is an all-encompassing vocation.

mother and daughter portraits in black and white
Pierrette, Caroline & Isabelle, Iron Hill Circa 1976

Excuses. Oh, they are numerous. I’m too busy. I’m too fat. I’m not dressed up for it. Just the kids this time. I have no makeup on. Maybe next time. Or, perhaps mothers end up being the official family photographer and, although phones and cameras have timed delay options, that still doesn’t seem to help.

Left: a portrait from the garage portrait series. Open garages make awesome lightboxes.

Ask people to shoot you along with the family. Ask your partner to take photos of you. Take selfies. Book a shoot. The time is now. Your clan loves you now, as you are. Please stand on the other side of the lens. Often. Whether you do it for you or for them, just do it!

The studio will open up again. Whether you choose to get photographed alone, with your partner, your own mother, or with your children is entirely up to you. Whether we create portraits in the studio, outside, or both, I will be ready to make that vision come true.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Preggy and Pretty. A maternity portrait photoshoot turns magazine-style at Abelle Studio.

Maternity portrait from Abelle place in a magazine cover.

“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.” –Ani DiFranco

This woman has had to wait for baby no. 2 less so than other women but more so than most. It hasn’t been an easy adventure, to say the least, but, at last, “Audrey” is on her way. In order to document this life-changing milestone, G came into the studio to immortalize the delicate and raw beauty of her pregnant state.

In-studio, we created a number of different looks with a flowy sheer maternity dress, some taupe taffetas fabric, and then black, body-hugging dresses, tops, and leggings that she selected from her wardrobe.

It is easy to get carried away in the photo studio with props and accessories while creating a magazine-style shoot because there is so much excitement attached to this moment. However, we tried to keep it simple yet elegant. Emphasizing the bump and classic body poses enhanced by natural and studio lighting.

Ideally, for comfort and ease of movement, weeks 32 to 37 are the ideal time frame to schedule the photo shoot. After that, moving is more difficult and your energy level starts to run low. We may have been a bit late to schedule this one but G is strong and flexible. We scheduled two different sittings and took breaks during each session. The results speak for themselves.

Most women feel self-conscious during their pregnancy and hormones sometimes get the better of the self-talk. Feeling fat and unattractive is common for expecting mothers. So, this session attempts to push the self-inflicted negative self talk away as it is simply that: negative self-talk!

Also, many of my readers will look at the finished portraits and believe they could never look this good. I started photographing women in 1999 and have created portraits of close to 1000 women and the feeling of inadequacy is universal. Let’s put an end to it, Sistahs!

I am extremely grateful I got to participate in creating these timeless studio portraits with G. The memories will stay with me forever.

To see more images, visit this link.

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Still Life and Landscape Photographs: Fine Art Photography by Abelle

Confinement has brought along a number of challenges but it did allow for time to be creative. To Express beauty using a different muse. For a few months, the human face was temporarily replaced with the contemplation of nature. Here are some of the pieces.

Pink Peony by Isabelle Bouchard
Room photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

You may find these pieces on my portfolio page of Fine Art America.

Framed print of morning Cape Hatteras seashore. Shot by Isabelle Bouchard.
Fine Art America
Seashore Morning Breakfast II by Isabelle Bouchard
Room photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash
Fine art photograph of Cape Hatteras photographed by Isabelle Bouchard of
Seaside pastel Buxton Beach, North Carolina sky by Isabelle Bouchard
Pastoral Mansonville Spring Countryside by Isabelle Bouchard
Room photo by  Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Stormy Mango Sky: Isabelle Bouchard
Room photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

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Lifestyle gender reveal family photoshoot

Social distancing and the shutdown of non-essential services had Abelle Photo Studio, like the rest of the world, at a standstill. I reconsidered the future of my portrait and wedding photography business. I dabbled in stock photography and fine art landscape photography. It enabled me to improve my study of light crafting and bending and my technical skills.
In the end, there was a silver lining to this. I realized just how important creating portraits and playing with light are to me. How contemporary portraits are priceless to families. How essential professional headshots are to business owners and entrepreneurs, and how cherished wedding photo albums are to couples and their families.

Time didn’t stand still, though. Children grew up and families shared more and more intimate moments. Some businesses disappeared yet others evolved, streamlined, and redefined themselves while new businesses were born during these unprecedented times.

Naturally backlit. Fall-style. The. Best. EVER.

Meet the Fortier family. They decided to document the announcement of the future member of their family in a fashion similar to their firstborn, Oli. We discussed the ideas and general feel of the session ahead of time. What types of images did we wish to create? When was the best time for our busy schedules? For Oli’s schedule? He is 3 years old, goes to daycare, and has decided to skip his afternoon naps.

With the help of a valiant helper, I tested various lighting situations. I got my light readings ahead of time and when the crew arrived, we started shooting, wasting no time.

A toddler’s attention span is short. Very short. But we rolled with what Oli was willing to give us. The images aren’t posed. Much. The images were directed. I decided on the best angles and sunlight position. The rest was taken on the fly in rapid-fire fashion. The results are images that convey a sense of joy and elation and tell the story of the day mom, dad, and son officially announced that Audrey would soon join this family.

To view more images of this cute family portrait session, click here.
To book or inquire about family portrait sessions, write to me.