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Beautiful Country Wedding in West Brome, Quebec by Abelle

V & J contacted me after seeing the images of Laurelle & Zack’s wedding Horse Farm Wedding.

They live way up North in Quebec in a far away place (Whapmagoostui, Quebec). Family ties made them choose West Brome, Quebec in the Eastern Townships to tie the knot and this is where and how we come into their wedding day story. These two lovebirds are authentic. From our perspective, it looks like family means everything to them. Laureleen and I were honoured to be chosen to accompany them that day and witness touching and unforgettable moments.

Here are a few of our favorite images of this cute couple’s wedding day photography coverage:

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Makeover Beauty Portrait Photoshoot by Abelle: what to expect

What to expect:
Before: We do a pre-shoot consultation session and talk about styling and how you want to be photographed.
During: Lots of pampering going on. Food, hair, makeup followed by the glamourous photoshoot.
After: The reveal session when the beautiful photographs are revealed for the very first time. You choose your favorite images.

Isn’t it time you start existing in photos?  #existinphotos .

glamour portrait

For more information about these professional glamour photo shoots: Glamour Makeover and Beauty Portrait Information

Montreal Family Photo Session: Abelle photographie

Rewind to July 14, 2012. One of the warmest days on record. A & C tied the knot at Auberge des Gallant. I went through 2 sweat wristbands and drank 3 liters of water in one afternoon photographing their wedding.

Fast forward to 2015: V is a newcomer to this beautiful, funny and endearing family. It was time for new family photographs so that’s what we did last Sunday morning.
These images were created with the wonderful help of dogs, a bubble gun and a sippy cup.
Family portrait photo session.

Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session.

Empowering Women One Makeover Beauty Portrait At a Time: Abelle Photography

Women. We are strong and vulnerable at the same time. We love our sibblings, family, partners and children to bits. We love to have photographs of the people we love in our space. When the camera is turned toward us, many of us don’t feel pretty enough. ”I’ll get my photograph taken when I lose 10 pounds, when I get my hair cut or colored, when I get a tan,… Not me. Not now.”

The makeover and beauty portrait photoshoot experience is fun. The beautiful photographs created are secondary. It’s the experience, the pampering session that often leads to the start of a beautiful transformation that is more than skin deep. Women feel empowered.
Exist in photographs is a beautiful movement that strives to change that. Photographs of you are the best gift you can give the people in your life. #existinphotos.

For more images of this makeover beauty portrait session: