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Beauty portrait photo session

A Few Shades of Grey: Abelle Portraiture

Remember this woman?

Back in 2015. A very different look.

Natasha was the face of a few of Abelle’s promotional pieces back in 2015 and 2016.
Well, look at her now!

It takes courage to go gray and for Natasha, it was a journey. Courage is this woman’s middle name.

Beauty portrait photo session

Rocking the Silver Pixie Cut!

After choosing to live a chemical-free life, it became clear that she would eventually have to make that decision. I cannot believe how stunning she looks. Look at the other glamorous portraits of her taken a few years ago.

Mother daughter portrait photography session: Abelle

She, too, has changed a lot since 2015!

Classic portrait of a young girl shot by Abelle

A classic portrait of her daughter back in 2015.

Beauty portrait photo session

Oh yes! A Sparkly Dress!

Beauty portrait photo session

A Classy Look. Love the Jackie O’ Dress.

Here is to celebrating the different stages of life! What stage do you wish to celebrate?

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Natasha is an energy worker: a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, a Young Living Essential Oil Aficionado. She is also a Raindrop Technique massage therapist.

Styling: by Natasha herself
Hair & makeup: Madison of Madison Moore MUA
Lip color: Sin by Nudestix
Photography: Abelle.ca

Elegant Makeover & Portrait Session: Abelle Fine Portraits

Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: Abelle
This lady came in contact with me through a member of local business woman, Lorrie Brown of L.B. Office Admin, member of BWB. She drove from Ottawa for this experience:  a hair and makeup pampering session (Thank you Erica) followed by a portrait photo shoot. There are many reasons why women wish to sit in the makeup chair and come to our portrait studio. In this case, the reason was simple: she wanted to do something special for herself.

Beauty makeover photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: AbelleBeauty Makeover and Glamour Portrait Photography: Abelle
Her resting face is a contagious grin. Not smiling is difficult for her and it made the session fun.
I think she loved the result. I know I do. Here are some of our favorite images.


Beauty Makeover and In-Studio Elegant Photography Session: Abelle Portraits

This elegant lady and I are connected. We come from the same little farm town. A town so small it wasn’t even on the map when I was growing up: Iron Hill, Quebec.

She says she came upon journalism later on in life. She is a freelance writer, marketer and TV producer and host. She is also an avid community supporter and promoter of the community in which she lives and serves. She has an knack for networking. Listening to her talk about her engagements for the upcoming week made me tired. She is a vivacious, curious, inspiring and authentic.

She came fully prepared for the session. During the pre-shoot consultation, we talked about what to wear and how to get ready for the shoot. We discussed outfit choices: colours, material, necklines, textures and accessories. I would give her an A+ for the getting ready part of the shoot. This made things easier for us during the photography session. I feel the portraits below are the result of a great team effort.

Abelle makeover portrait photography session

elegant makeover portrait photographyMerrickville makeover photography session Corporate portraits photographer Glamour makeover photo shoot Glamour makeover photography Ottawa makeover photography Ottawa
Erica Wright MUA worked her magic during the beauty makeover session. The result is stunning. I love Doreen’s short strawberry blond hair and those blues eyes. (Somehow the images of Anne Murray and a younger Judi Dench kept popping up in my mind during the photo shoot. Do you see it too?). She didn’t even look at her reflection once the hair and makeup transformation was finished. Then, together we created these elegant photographs.
Thank you Doreen for this memorable opportunity.

30-Something Beauty Portrait Photo Shoot: Abelle Portraits

This is what 30 looks like:

Glamour portrait photoshoot Ottawa
She is a tall, beautiful, independent and intelligent woman.She is bilingual. She is funny. She loves to travel. She is a role-model for her students. She is a fashion police and has used her authority on me. 🙂 She is a 2016 bride. Jean-Pierre Ferland said it best: C’est à 30 ans que les femmes sont belles. These are a few of Gen’s beauty portraits taken in natural light on a quiet Sunday morning.
Merci G2.
Ottawa portrait photographer Ottawa Glamour Makeover photo shoot portrait Makeover photography session Brockville portrait photographer#existinphotos

Whether you are 29 forever or 72, what are you celebrating?


Makeover Beauty Portrait Photoshoot by Abelle: what to expect

What to expect:
Before: We do a pre-shoot consultation session and talk about styling and how you want to be photographed.
During: Lots of pampering going on. Food, hair, makeup followed by the glamourous photoshoot.
After: The reveal session when the beautiful photographs are revealed for the very first time. You choose your favorite images.

Isn’t it time you start existing in photos?  #existinphotos .

glamour portrait

For more information about these professional glamour photo shoots: Glamour Makeover and Beauty Portrait Information

Empowering Women One Makeover Beauty Portrait At a Time: Abelle Photography

Women. We are strong and vulnerable at the same time. We love our sibblings, family, partners and children to bits. We love to have photographs of the people we love in our space. When the camera is turned toward us, many of us don’t feel pretty enough. ”I’ll get my photograph taken when I lose 10 pounds, when I get my hair cut or colored, when I get a tan,… Not me. Not now.”

The makeover and beauty portrait photoshoot experience is fun. The beautiful photographs created are secondary. It’s the experience, the pampering session that often leads to the start of a beautiful transformation that is more than skin deep. Women feel empowered.
Exist in photographs is a beautiful movement that strives to change that. Photographs of you are the best gift you can give the people in your life. #existinphotos.

For more images of this makeover beauty portrait session: http://abelle.ca/mother-daughter-beauty-makeover-photoshoot

Mother, Wife, Sister, Editor, Friend and Goddess. Makeover Beauty Portrait Session by Abelle

Laura has time for everything and everyone: her two children, her husband, her family, her friends, her work, her business, her community,… Her good friend Natasha thought this experience might be the type of pampering Laura needed.

After a styling consultation, held prior to the photoshoot, Laura was ready for a morning of transformation and fun at our Brockville photo studio. Erica (MUA), hair & makeup artist, enhanced Laura’s flawless skin and beautiful features and did a wonderful job with Laura’s naturally curly hair. Laura knocked this makeover beauty portrait photoshoot out of the park! A real pro.

At her reveal session, she couldn’t get over the photographs. She said knew she had it in her somewhere to let her inner Goddess out. This makeover session proved her right.

Laura: Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Editor, Friend and Goddess.
Abelle Photographie: Glamour Beauty Portrait Session

For more images of Laura: http://abelle.ca/beauty-portrait-makeover
Beautiful hair & makeup by: ericawrightmua.com
To book your session: info@abelle.ca or 514.259.5006

Abelle Photographie: Glamour Beauty Portrait Session Abelle Photographie: Glamour Beauty Portrait Session Abelle Photographie: Glamour Beauty Portrait Session


Afternoon Tea with The Queen’s Crumb: Snapshot of a Corporate Portrait

Abelle photographie

The Queen, her work and her castle. 🙂

Abelle photographie portraiture

Melissa Doherty: owner of The Queen’s Crumb

She’s sweet, delightful, bubbly, genuine, talented, sophisticated and passionate. She is the queen of The Queen’s Crumb. Her name is Melissa and she is the talented artist behind Ottawa’s premier cake and confectionery company operating in Ottawa’s Westboro district. She left a paralegal career to pursue her passion. To top it off, she also has great marketing and business flair! http://queenscrumb.ca

We met at the Millisle Bed and Breakfast in Merrickville, Ontario on a super hot and muggy Summer afternoon. The Millisle B & B is a historical three-storey Victorian mansion. Check out this elegant Bed & Breakfast here: http://www.bbcanada.com/millislebb

We had to stay focused on the corporate portraits we wanted to create as we could have easily photographed for days in this sumptuous historical gem. I was thinking that a Boudoir photo shoot there would be absolutely divine!

Although I mostly photograph people in intimate settings such as weddings, anniversaries and family portrait sessions, we were trying to create portraits that were not too square. The goal is to portray a person’s personality through the images. Here are some images of the woman and artist behind The Queen’s Crumb. How did we do?

Ottawa photographer Abelle photographie

Abelle photographie's portrait of The Queen's Crumb

Melissa Doherty enjoying High Tea and some of her sweet creations. Wedding cake by The Queen's CrumbA sample of The Queen’s Crumb’s wedding cakes.