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Fall in love with yourself: Abelle Portrait Studio

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Fall in love with yourself: portrait promotion for Valentine's Day by Abelle.

Many female clients put portraits of their loved ones on their wall. Some women admit they feel vain displaying a portrait of themselves. Yet, they have no difficulty having their partner’s portrait or their children’s in the home.

Think an 8 x 10 is large?!
This image is 16 inches by 20 inches and professionally framed in a 20 x 24 frame.
Every morning, this is N’s reminder of how uniquely beautiful she is.

Women clients tell me they are not photogenic, that they dislike their arms, their double-chin, their thighs, their behinds, their hooded eyelids, etc. In the last 20 years I have heard it all!

Fine art boutique portrait photography. Abelle Studio.

So I have a challenge for women, this Valentine’s Day. How about honouring your unique beauty? That inner beauty that is uniquely yours. That beauty that is earned in a life of raising children, staying in or leaving a marriage or long-term relationship, caring for aging parents, losing a loved one, going back to school, building a business, embracing retirement, etc. The beauty that comes from a life lived to its fullest.

The unique features that define your body image create an energy that is perceptible in a portrait. Energy, passion and sparkle cannot be Photoshopped into an image. Those are superpowers that you bring to the photo shoot.

9-up portrait sequence.

Hanging portraits of yourself in your home, reminds you of how uniquely beautiful you are. It lets the other members of the family know you are as important as they are. It is a great way to model self-love and acceptance to younger family members. If nothing else, you leave a legacy-portrait of yourself to those who love you. More importantly, it may change the way you see yourself.

Boutique portrait studio: Abelle Wedding and Portrait Photography. Montreal. Brockville, Canada.
Boutique portrait photography studio: Montreal, Brockville Canada.

In the beauty magazine-style photoshoot experience, we go after your sparkle. Your inner light. The styling of the photo session is customized. It can be as casual or as glamorous (or both) as you wish it to be. You decide.

Request the Magazine-style photoshoot brochure here.

Boutique portrait studio photography printed on canvas.

Your brand’s visual identity includes a business headshot

If you think we live in a digital world and that human connection no longer matters, think again. However, people will probably see your face online before they hear your voice or shake your hand. Which means that subtle grin, that eye twinkle, that confident stare or that laugh-out-loud smile affects how the viewer perceives you and your brand.Casting portrait of a young model shot at Abelle Portrait Studio.

This idea leads me to reiterate the importance of a great business portrait. Technically, it should be above average, with flawless posing, lighting, retouching and composition to catch the viewers’ attention.

”Your headshot is like the logo of your personal brand.”– Giancarlo Pawelec for LinkedIn

Business headshot for a Brockville author. Shot by Judy is a published author. You may purchase her book on Amazon. Voices in the wilderness

The corporate portrait becomes one of the elements that make your business’ visual identity along with the logo, colours and typefaces used.

Personal branding portrait shot by
Find out about Kelly’s social media strategy services:

When you book a photo session, make sure your share your brand’s visual identity with the image creator. It is also a good idea to answer some of the following questions:
– What is the intention behind this headshot?
– How do you define yourself in business?
– What is the message or feeling you are trying to convey?
– How do you want to be photographed?
– Which platform or media is this image (images) going to be used?
– Will there be copy written onto it? Where will this text appear?

Business headshot photographed by photo studio

If you do not have an answer for most or any of the questions above, I can help you start the reflection and discussion around your future or current brand identity. I am not a branding expert by any means but I am a graphic designer and have helped small-businesses develop their brand. I will gladly share tips and content with you.

After the pre-shoot discussion, we can design a customized photo shoot for you and help you create the perfect image for you and your brand.

If your business requires some product shots or images of your services for the website or for printed documentation, this can easily be included.

 So take a look at your current headshot. Is it doing you and your company justice? If not, it’s time to fire it and get the job done right. – Kate L. Harrison for

Résolution 2019: moins de plastique

Dans ma quête pour réduire ma consommation de plastique, j’ai ajouté ceci cette année: le déodorant fait maison. Très facile à faire, il est super efficace et doux pour la peau. Honnêtement, je n’ai rien trouvé sur le marché qui fonctionne aussi bien.

ingredients for diy deodorant

Bonne nouvelle: tous ces ingrédients sont disponibles dans les magasins en vrac. La prochaine fois, il n’y aura pas de nouveaux contenants.

Des dizaines de recettes existent en ligne. À vous de faire vos recherches pour trouver celle qui vous convient.
Voici les ingrédients que j’ai utilisés cette fois-ci:
1/3 tasse cire d’abeille
1/3 tasse huile de coco
2 c. à table beurre de karité
2 c. à table bicarbonate de soude (j’en mets très peu +/- 1/2 c. à thé parce que ceci me cause des irritations)
1/3 tasse poudre “d’Arrowroot” (vendu en magasins d’aliments naturels)
huile essentielle pour l’odeur (facultative)

Je dépose des petits pots en vitre dans un bain-marie (ou au micro-onde) pour faire fondre la cire d’abeille. J’y ajoute ensuite le beurre de karité et l’huile de coco. Je mélange ensuite le bicarbonate de soude et l’arrowroot. J’ajoute au final quelques gouttes d’huile essentielle. Une recette me dure plus de 6 mois. Quand j’en fais, je me double ou triple la recette pour en offrir en cadeau. Ingrédients pour fabriquer son déodorant naturel.

Less plastic: DIY homemade deodorant: Abelle Portrait Photography

En plus d’être efficace, ce mélange onctueux sent bon.

En hiver, j’utilise un bâton de bois pour l’appliquer puisque le mélange est plus solide. En été, le mélange est plus mou et s’applique facilement à l’aide des doigts.Homemade deodorant Zero Trash

En plus, 2018 a été l’année durant laquelle j’ai utilisé la brosse à dent en bamboo et dit bye-bye aux serviettes hygiéniques de la pharmacie.Zero trash products Ces petits changements faciles s’ajoutent aux changements adoptés dans les dernières années: la bouteille d’eau et la tasse réutilisables puis le compost pour les déchets organiques. Ce ne sont que de petits gestes, j’en conviens mais c’est avec des grains de sable que se forme la plage.

Bananez 2019!

Quelques addresses:
Magasin en vrac où l’on amène ses contenants
Brosse à dents chez IGA Després à Sutton
Serviettes Performa chez Verveine et Cie
Cire d’abeille 
Cire d’abeille autre fournisseur
Pellicule pour recouvrir les aliments

Attracting Clients I Deserve: Abelle Portraits

The web makes learning accessible. I use it as part of my regular training to perfect the mastery of my craft, I follow a number of entrepreneurs and leaders in my industry. I am constantly watching and listening to webinars and podcasts. Like every day. Like all the time.

The other day, while listening to a business webinar, the influential speaker said this: «You attract the clients you deserve.» In other words, you attract clients who are aligned with your energy. This line has stayed with me since.

I struggle with the confidence in the service I provide and the quality of the work I produce for people. I have come to understand that and expect it. I know many artists and soul-preneurs feel the same way because our soul is part and parcel of the service we provide for others. Indeed, portrait photography is my labor of love.

Abelle Portrait and Wedding Photography

These are some of the lovely souls that have come into my life in 2018.

When I read this line over and over again: «You attract the clients you deserve.», I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude toward the clients who come into my studio. All I know is I am one darn-lucky and blessed human being!

Bon-cadeaux Abelle: le cadeau parfait. • Abelle Vouchers: the perfect gift.

Gift cards available in a variety of denominations. Abelle Family, Wedding and Portrait Photography Studio.

Abelle portraits: a priceless, timeless and tasteful gift.
Starting at 200$ and available in different denominations. Available online.
Call or email for details.

Une idée-cadeau d’une valeur inestimable: des portraits contemporains: d’affaire, de familles ou individuels..
En coupures de 200$ et plus. Ces bons-cadeaux sont offerts en ligne.
514 259.5006

Magazine-style portrait photo session

Session photo de style magazine: Abelle

Parfois, on a le goût de jouer à la star. Parfois, c’est le regard que les autres posent sur nous qui nous aide à grandir.Magazine-style portrait photo session

Ça fait longtemps que j’attends la belle So. J’avais ce shooting en tête depuis plusieurs années. Puis, un dimanche d’automne, on eu la chance de concrétiser ce projet. Et, ça donné ceci:

Magazine-style studio portrait photo session Magazine-style studio portrait photo session

Magazine-style portrait photo session

Je me suis sentie vraiment entre les mains d’une professionnelle qui a su me mettre en confiance et me guider. J’ai tellement aimé l’expérience! Quel bel exercice pour rehausser sa confiance et son estime :))))

Ce n’est pas le maquillage, la coiffure et la robe qui rendent un portrait inoubliable. Ce sont les yeux qui sont le reflet de l’âme qui se trouve derrière ceux-ci.

En voir davantage / To view more:
Pour réserver votre session / To book your shoot:



Celebrating the Overcoming of Challenges: Abelle Portrait Studio

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. George S. Patton

Business profile portraitThere are no words to describe this session. I decided to let my client share her story in her own words.

“Most of us know life can bring challenges that knock us down for a while. And even when we know things have started to turn around, this turn-around can take a while, in little steps at a time. When I moved to Brockville in 2015, it was to start over. I found Isabelle’s blog by a “happy accident.” And I put the beauty makeover photo shoot on my wish list for when I felt ready to “come back out” into the world. It took 3 years, but then I contacted her, which started the ball rolling. I was excited and scared, and questioning it all as I met with her beforehand and decided what I wanted to wear. But also afraid that what I had been hoping for so much would turn into another disappointment that I had to overcome.

Disappointment was never part of this experience – ever—not during the shoot nor when I saw the pictures. The shoot felt professional and Isabelle’s photography knowledge was front and centre. However, her compassion for her clients like me was also an integral part of the process. She knew and understood this was not an easy experience for people to go through. Yes she was gentle and considerate about it all. My pictures surprised me but also made me feel like I had found me again….yes, a bigger size, a little more wrinkled and looking older. But I now had something—physical evidence– that showed on the outside how much better I was feeling on the inside.

Business profile portrait Business profile portrait: Abelle Photography

What are you celebrating?

Photography and styling:
Hair & makeup: Madison Moore MUA

Abelle Photography landscape

Mother, Mother Ocean. I have heard you call: Abelle

If you don’t know the song, here it is: A Pirate Looks at Forty.

Abelle Photography landscape

Frisco Bath House Beach, North Carolina


Abelle Photography landscape

Waiting for the storm on Utopia Lane, Frisco, North Carolina

Abelle Photography landscape

Waiting for the storm on Utopia Lane, Frisco, North Carolina. Moments later.

Abelle Photography landscape

Life at f/1.8

Abelle Photography landscape

Feeding on sand fiddlers.

Abelle Photography landscape

Pastel contemplation.



Mother Ocean: She is  mightily fierce. She is immense and beautiful. Yet she is fragile.

Portrait of a Wedding couple in the country.

Mariage à Oka: une petite famille plus que charmante. Vu par Abelle

Avec ce dernier mariage, je peux dire que je suis officiellement devenue une photographe de famille. J’ai rencontré Cynthia pour la première fois en 2009, au mariage de sa cousine au vignoble St-Agnès à Glen Sutton. Je l’ai revu en 2015, dans un verger de Dunham, le Domaine de Dunham, pour le mariage de son autre cousine, la sœur de l’autre.
Nous nous sommes rencontrés il y a deux ans pour planifier son mariage avec Martin qui devait avoir lieu en août 2017. Mais, surprise… contre toute attente, ils ont reçu un cadeau du ciel en apprenant qu’ils attendaient un deuxième enfant à l’été 2017. Le mariage a donc été reporté à cet été. Les voici dans toute leur splendeur et authenticité. Ils sont beaux, pleins de vie, authentiques, aimants et aimés.

J’ai eu les larmes aux yeux pendant une bonne partie de la journée tellement cette célébration était touchante. À vous autres maintenant de vous rincer l’oeil. 😉

Wedding portrait photographer:

J’aime la vie à 35 mm. #Nikkorglass

Wedding portrait photographer:

La lumière était directe et dure. Au diable l’ombre, nous avons sauté dedans à pieds joints.

Wedding portrait photographer:

#lensflare #gorgeousbridegroom #fullsunportrait

Wedding portrait photographer: Wedding portrait photographer: Wedding portrait photographer: Wedding portrait photographer: Abelle.caWedding portrait photographer: Abelle.caWedding portrait photographer:

Montage diaporama des images de leur journée de mariage.

Lieu: Au Jardin d’Emmanuel à Oka.
Assistante photo: Tammy Jette
Maquillage: Myriam Arelle
Coiffure: Mélanie Laroche
Fleurs: Domaine Vénusia
DJ: Martin Robert
Gâteau: Sucré Sam

Abelle Wedding photography

Bouquet : création de Domaine Vénusia.

Abelle Wedding cake photography

Gâteau: création de Sucré Sam

Brockville portrait photography Abelle

Abelle Loves: Made by Bees©

On my quest to reduce my use of plastic, especially single-use plastic, I found this product right in my neighborhood. I came across Priscilla, owner, and beekeeper, at yoga. She was gifting these wax-covered wraps to the owner-teacher-yogi. I inquired about these and found out that she was the maker of these gems and had them in stock.
These wraps are useful and cute and they smell nice.

Boutique photography studio: Abelle

These are the large-sized wraps which I use most of the time.

product photography studio

I also got a few of these packets. They contain a mix of seeds of plants that attract bees. They make great hostess gifts for people who don’t drink wine.

Photography studio Abelle

This is a kit containing a wrap in each of the three sizes: small, medium and large.

Family portrait photography

Isn’t the bee-shaped wax seal on the back of the packaging the cutest?

portrait photography studio Abelle

The large 13″x13″ completely covers my medium-sized bowl and is perfect for large bowls as well.

Portrait photography studio


You can order these online at
So long plastic wrap!