103 nautical miles and…

10 days and 9 nights
One 9-hour passage that led to my first bout of seasickness;
One amazingly red sunrise that “presaged” a violent storm followed by one rocky night of sleep;
one moon rising and one sunset;
1.3-meter waves that only experienced surfers could enjoy;
Two mini foldable bike rides with a Strawberry Shortcake fanny pack;
5 bags of chips;
Three open-fire meals;
10 perfect morning coffees with cream;
32 liters of water filtered using a LifeStraw©;
Two ice blocks (very difficult to find) and two bags of ice;
A 20-degree temperature difference within the same day;
A dozen mosquito bites, 5 deer fly ones, one wasp sting, 14 bruises, and 3 cuts;

But only one transformative experience.

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”

– Heinrich Zimmer

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