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Lifestyle gender reveal family photoshoot

Social distancing and the shutdown of non-essential services had Abelle Photo Studio, like the rest of the world, at a standstill. I reconsidered the future of my portrait and wedding photography business. I dabbled in stock photography and fine art landscape photography. It enabled me to improve my study of light crafting and bending and my technical skills.
In the end, there was a silver lining to this. I realized just how important creating portraits and playing with light are to me. How contemporary portraits are priceless to families. How essential professional headshots are to business owners and entrepreneurs, and how cherished wedding photo albums are to couples and their families.

Time didn’t stand still, though. Children grew up and families shared more and more intimate moments. Some businesses disappeared yet others evolved, streamlined, and redefined themselves while new businesses were born during these unprecedented times.

Naturally backlit. Fall-style. The. Best. EVER.

Meet the Fortier family. They decided to document the announcement of the future member of their family in a fashion similar to their firstborn, Oli. We discussed the ideas and general feel of the session ahead of time. What types of images did we wish to create? When was the best time for our busy schedules? For Oli’s schedule? He is 3 years old, goes to daycare, and has decided to skip his afternoon naps.

With the help of a valiant helper, I tested various lighting situations. I got my light readings ahead of time and when the crew arrived, we started shooting, wasting no time.

A toddler’s attention span is short. Very short. But we rolled with what Oli was willing to give us. The images aren’t posed. Much. The images were directed. I decided on the best angles and sunlight position. The rest was taken on the fly in rapid-fire fashion. The results are images that convey a sense of joy and elation and tell the story of the day mom, dad, and son officially announced that Audrey would soon join this family.

To view more images of this cute family portrait session, click here.
To book or inquire about family portrait sessions, write to me.

Brand your business like a Girl Boss

Researchers say it takes many touchpoints before converting a follower into a client or a member of your tribe. A consistent and polished media feed is key to building trust with your audience.

Upgrade your social media presence to make your business stand out.

From professional, casual, or fun portraits to images of your storefront and polished photos of your service and products, this experience is all-inclusive to help you promote your business.

Abelle personal branding portraits

Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms. – Simon Mainwaring

The shoot includes a styling consultation, an in-studio or on-location professional shoot, a variety of looks, professional business portraits, a curated bank of images of your place of business, and of the outstanding service and products you offer. Optional and highly recommended hair and makeup services are also available by a licensed professional.

Professional business headshot by
Madison putting her best face forward.

When you photograph a face…, you photograph the soul behind it. – Jean-Luc Goddard

What types of images does your business need?

Clients do business with people they know, like, and trust, so it makes sense to proudly show your face in some of your social media and marketing.

Curious? Ask for the Girl Boss Photoshoot brochure.

For all of your luxurious pampering needs, be sure to check out the Madison Gagnon Beauty Lounge at the Glitz Spa in Prescott, On.

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Session de portraits masculins chez Abelle.

EVP: la maîtrise de l’écoute.

Abelle business portrait in studio. Male subject.

Écouter est un art et cet entrepreneur et formateur maîtrise cet art depuis longtemps. En matière de vente et conseil, il préconise la préparation. C’est là que le lien de confiance se tisse entre le conseiller et le client.

Corporate studio portrait session. Male subject. Abelle Photography

C’est un peu ce qui s’est passé dans le studio. Il faisait chaud à la fin de la session de portraits pendant laquelle se sont succédés des portraits corporatifs et personnels. Plus la session avançait, plus le côté généreux et passionné de Félix transperçait sur les images. À la fin, Monsieur n’avait plus besoin de coaching; son charme naturel venait de prendre le dessus.

Armé de différents ensembles, il est arrivé préparé avec chemises, cravates, accessoires et vestons allant du très professionnel bon-chic-bon-genre au look apéro 5 à 7 pour terminer avec le look décontracté de fin de semaine.

Abelle business portrait in studio. Male subject.

Nous avons eu de la difficulté à choisir quelle image définit le mieux cet entrepreneur de talent et renommé. C’est aussi difficile de choisir l’image qui dresse le portrait de l’homme derrière l’homme d’affaire.
Qu’en pensez-vous? Laquelle est votre préférée?

Abelle business portrait in studio. Male subject.
Abelle business portrait in studio. Male subject.

École de vente professionnelle, St-Bruno-de-Montarville

Abelle Photographie: portraits et mariages

Fall in love with yourself: Abelle Portrait Studio

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Fall in love with yourself: portrait promotion for Valentine's Day by Abelle.

Many female clients put portraits of their loved ones on their wall. Some women admit they feel vain displaying a portrait of themselves. Yet, they have no difficulty having their partner’s portrait or their children’s in the home.

Think an 8 x 10 is large?!
This image is 16 inches by 20 inches and professionally framed in a 20 x 24 frame.
Every morning, this is N’s reminder of how uniquely beautiful she is.

Women clients tell me they are not photogenic, that they dislike their arms, their double-chin, their thighs, their behinds, their hooded eyelids, etc. In the last 20 years I have heard it all!

Fine art boutique portrait photography. Abelle Studio.

So I have a challenge for women, this Valentine’s Day. How about honouring your unique beauty? That inner beauty that is uniquely yours. That beauty that is earned in a life of raising children, staying in or leaving a marriage or long-term relationship, caring for aging parents, losing a loved one, going back to school, building a business, embracing retirement, etc. The beauty that comes from a life lived to its fullest.

The unique features that define your body image create an energy that is perceptible in a portrait. Energy, passion and sparkle cannot be Photoshopped into an image. Those are superpowers that you bring to the photo shoot.

9-up portrait sequence.

Hanging portraits of yourself in your home, reminds you of how uniquely beautiful you are. It lets the other members of the family know you are as important as they are. It is a great way to model self-love and acceptance to younger family members. If nothing else, you leave a legacy-portrait of yourself to those who love you. More importantly, it may change the way you see yourself.

Boutique portrait studio: Abelle Wedding and Portrait Photography. Montreal. Brockville, Canada.
Boutique portrait photography studio: Montreal, Brockville Canada.

In the beauty magazine-style photoshoot experience, we go after your sparkle. Your inner light. The styling of the photo session is customized. It can be as casual or as glamorous (or both) as you wish it to be. You decide.

Request the Magazine-style photoshoot brochure here.

Boutique portrait studio photography printed on canvas.
Mother and daughter portrait photography session.

Celebrating Family Ties – Mother Daughter Photo Shoot: Abelle

Meet Andrea and Annie, the models in this beautiful and intimate portrait photo shoot.
This is Andrea’s testimonial:

“ Isabelle in her thoughtful and skilled manner has marked a transitional age/stage for Annie and I. Annie is completing high school and is heading to university in September.

Studio magazine-style portrait shoot by Abelle.

She reminds me of Chelsea Clinton.

I am growing my businesses in preparation for retirement from soon to be 25 yrs. of teaching. We very much appreciated Isabelle’s organization, professionalism and attention to detail in creating a safe atmosphere for the photo shoot and the exciting reveal process. As a painter, I am fascinated by how she masterfully paints her subjects in their most beautiful and authentic light! Annie’s casting shot captured her fresh look and was ideal for the intended purpose of her performance audition in Toronto.Studio portrait photo shoot by Abelle.

Senior portrait photo shoot.Portrait photography studio: AbelleBeauty makeover and portrait photo session.

Isabelle suggested a business shot for me which I will use in various multi-media forums including Facebook promoting my local businesses – Buells Creek Furnishings (hand-painted custom furnishings) & Walk More, Bark Less  (pet nanny and dog walking).


Mother and daughter portrait photography session.I treasure the images which caught my girl and me in our groove together. Such fun working with you, thank you again.”

Photography assistant: Angélique Gravelle
Hair & makeup artist: Madison Moore
Photography and styling: Isabelle of Abelle



Abelle Glamour portrait photography studio

Another Inspirational Woman: Makeover and Photo Shoot at the Studio

This November day was dark and gloomy but the studio was all lit up by this woman’s spirit and energy. She has amazing skin, a charming smile and a contagious laugh.Abelle Glamour studio portrait photography session.

We sorted through her suitcase and pulled together a number of different outfits to create a custom magazine-style photo shoot for her. One that included some business attire and other outfits for beautiful personal portraits. These images are precious for Terrie. Over time, they will be even more significant for her two children.

Abelle Glamour studio portrait photography session

Abelle Glamour Portrait Photography Studio

Abelle Glamour portrait photography studio

Purple is a symbol of courage, survival and honour, and has come to symbolize the fight to end woman abuse. November is the month for Woman Abuse Prevention. These gorgeous scarves are up for sale. See information below.

Glamour makeover and portrait photography session. Abelle Glamour portrait photography studio

For this woman, purple is more than a favorite colour. It is a reminder of how strong women, like her, are.

Lauren and I are blessed to have spent an unforgettable afternoon at the studio getting to know this wonderful woman warrior and mother of two.

Hair & Makeup: Lauren Waterworth of Hairbylaur
Styling: Isabelle
Photography: Isabelle of

More information on the provincial Shine the Light Campaign.
To purchase purple LED light bulbs: River Lily Boutique or Leeds and Grenville Interval House

To purchase purple Shine the Light lanterns (25$), LED mini strings of LED lights, purple neckties or purple scarves (as showcased above), contact Kimberley at .

As a side note, this woman is also a trend setter. As a matter of fact, the 2018 Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet, 18-3838. Who knew?

Personal branding portrait photography session.

Abelle: A Beauty Portrait Session to Celebrate a New Chapter

This woman is a force to be reckoned with. I am grateful our paths crossed and that I was able to have her come in for a photo shoot. To say we had fun is an understatement. We would do this every week!

During our pre-shoot consultation, she warned me a number of times that I would be challenged with a strange smile that was way too large and squinty eyes. Well, I looked for those  traits and they didn’t show up. All I could see was inner beauty, grace and light. What about you? What do you see? Abelle beauty makeover and glamour studio photo shoot.

Abelle beauty makeover and glamour studio photo shoot

Glamour portrait photography studio, beauty makeover and photo shoot.

Abelle beauty makeover and glamour studio photo shoot.

Glamour portrait photography studio, beauty makeover and photo shoot.

She booked this photo shoot for many personal reasons. However, professionally these images are significant. She is redesigning her life as a mother, a wife, a friend, a business professional and a woman.
This session revealed a number of things: that she is a woman and not the tomboy she may be perceived to be; that she is not only smart but attractive; that she has more strengths than she thought and, that the camera loves her.

Stay tuned. This soulful professional is about to take on the world.

Assistant: Genevieve Gravelle
Styling & photography: Isabelle of Abelle Portraits
Hair & makeup: Madison Moore MUA

Mariage de SB et SB: un 6 août chaud à Eastman

Abelle photographie: Mariage à Jouvence, Eastman Québec.

Mariage à Jouvence, Eastman Québec. Photographié par l’équipe photographes de mariage Abelle photographie.

Quand j’ai photographié le mariage de SB & SB (Sophie-Anne et Stéphane), je savais que j’avais affaire à un couple de cinéastes débordant de créativité, de talents et de passion.

Ne connaissant pas le futur, je n’aurais pu anticiper que je verrais leurs noms PARTOUT. Durant les fêtes, c’est M. Beaudoin que j’ai vu à la télé annonçant la nouvelle série l’Heure Bleue sur les ondes de TVA. Mme est scénariste et M. est cinéaste.  Leurs collaborations sont responsables de nombreuses réalisations dont les films Yankee et Rang du lion.

Mariage à Jouvence, Eastman Québec. Avec la collaboration de Véronic Michaud.

Stéphane Beaudoin cinéaste. Abelle.caAvec la collaboration de Véronic Michaud.

Sophie-Anne Beaudry, scénariste et Stéphane Beaudoin cinéaste.

Mariage à Jouvence, Eastman Québec.

Quel privilège pour moi que fut cette rencontre le 6 août 2011, à Eastman. On a pas fini d’entendre parler de ces deux artistes.

Mariage à Jouvence, Eastman Québec. Photographié par l'équipe photographes de mariage Abelle photographie.

Pour voir d’autres images de leur mariage haut en chaleur humaine, visitez ce lien.

More than photographs – Abelle is building connections

Over the years, I’ve never taken the time to acknowledge and be grateful for the words of love I get from clients who often turn into friends. Every year, former clients (weddings, portraits, family, baby, belly photography sessions,…) take time to reach out and send me words of gratitude and thank you cards, not just at Christmas but year round. I am blessed with amazing clients who touch my heart and remind me how lucky I am to be a people and portrait photographer.

Abelle photographie family portrait

Christmas card sent to Abelle photographie

Abelle photographie wedding Abelle photographie wedding

Impressions sur canevas: des œuvres d’art pour vos murs réalisées par Abelle photographie

Comme je le mentionnais dans la dernière rubrique, je crois fermement qu’il faut délivrer les fichiers numériques de leur prison: les disques durs. Ces vilains disques représentent un compte à rebours vers leur date d’expiration. Dans mon milieu, on dit souvent: «ce n’est pas SI le disque dur mourra mais plutôt QUAND il rendra l’âme.» C’est connu, les disques durs, toutes marques confondues, sont tous susceptibles de devenir illisibles. On recommande donc d’avoir au minimum deux copies de vos images à deux endroits différents. Pour le photographe amateur ou celui ou celle qui documente l’histoire de sa famille, c’est une tâche peu intéressante et ardue. L’impression d’une image sur papier ou canevas de qualité quant à elle, ne demande aucune source d’alimentation, de gigaoctets, de mise à jour de logiciel ni de connaissances techniques et technologiques poussées. Dernièrement, mon conjoint a fait le tri de photographies de ces ancêtres. Certaines images ont de plus de 125 ans et sont encore en parfaite condition.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Une portrait classique redouble d’élégance grand format.

Quelles images laisserons-nous à nos enfants en héritage et surtout sous quelles formes: CD/DVD, téléphones intelligents, disque dur avec prise USB, clé USB,… Seront-ils encore capables de les admirer dans 5 ans?

Dans mon atelier, j’ai choisi de commencer 2014 du bon pied en investissant dans des impressions sur canevas de grands et moyens formats: un 8″x10″ est pas mal petit sur le mur de salon. Je suis maintenant entourée de portraits qui me rappellent de bons moments et le pourquoi j’aime tant mon métier.
Au delà des fichiers numériques haute résolution, sélectionnez LE/LES coup(s) de coeur de la session photographique de maternité, de bébé ou de vos photographies de mariage et affichez-le sur votre mur.

Assurez-vous que votre fournisseur/laboratoire imprime sur un canevas de qualité. Choisissez une bordure de couleur solide (j’aime bien le blanc, noir ou gris neutre) ou encore la continuation de votre image. Ici, la toile est montée sur un cadre de bois solide d’une épaisseur variant de 1/2 à 1 1/4 pouce. Le produit finit inclus la quincaillerie pour l’accrochage.

Pour voir d’autres exemples de nos produits imprimés, visitez le lien suivant:

Ces images me fournissent des ondes positives à chaque fois que je les regarde. Ça doit bien être feng shui, ça?! Bref, je vous encourage à faire de même. Faites imprimez vos photos!

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie Les détails de l’impression sont impressionnants. On y voit même les tâches de rousseur.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Ici, la bordure a été réalisée avec la continuation de l’image. Cadre de 3/4 pouce.

Une touche colorée dans l’atelier. Vive la bonne humeur et la couleur verte de la nature.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Très important de regarder la qualité de l’impression et de l’assemblage. Ici, c’est parfaitement à mon goût. En plus l’entretien est très simple: on enlève la poussière avec un linge sec.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Les détails de l’impression sont impressionnants et le fini est très intéressant.