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Montreal Wedding Photographer

Abelle: Wedding photography in Bromont, Québec.

This will not make me seem any younger but… I met Meagan when she was in grade 8. She was a student in the grade 8 math class I taught in another lifetime… when I was just 16. 🙂

Seriously, even back then Meagan was a talented, determined, authentic and elegant young girl. So look at her now. What do you see? I photographed her bridal portraits in Bondville, by Brome Lake.

Montreal Wedding Photographer

Love the flowy skirt of this dress. In the back, Brome Lake.

Glamour portrait photographer


Montreal Wedding Photographer

Normand Rockwell inspired me for this wedding image.

Bromont Wedding Photographer

Wedding held in the barn at Le Refuge du Mont Gale, Bromont, Québec.

Montreal Wedding Photographer Montreal Wedding Photographer

She and Stefan came to me to document this blissful wedding. They wanted something simple and fun. They wanted a celebration of their love and a party for their loved ones. We scheduled a first look (Scroll way down for information on the what is “First Look”) in Bromont, at the Bromont olympic equestrian park. On that day, the 20th edition of the Quebec Equestrian Games were taking place for the weekend. So amidst a sea of horse trailers and horses and their riders, we set out to photograph that their first look. Look for the crisp September light in some of the mid afternoon shots. I love it.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held down the road at Le Refuge du Mont Gale. That is where I went on most of my end of year school trips when I was in elementary school. Did I mention my high school bus driver, David, was also the horse carriage driver?

Montreal Wedding Photographer

I’m grateful to have had the privilege of being surrounded with this much fun, love and positive energy on that day. These two make me want to smile, a lot.


Flowers: Debbie Hornig Créations Florales

Luminous and radiant beauty makeover portrait session: Abelle Photography

Luminous – Radiant – Stunning – Delicious – Glowing – Resplendent

Makeover and glamour portrait session

No, these are not words I plan on using at Scrabble. These are a few of the words that kept running through my head during this makeover portrait session with Chantal. She is a force to be reckoned with and she is sexy, funny and kind to boot!
This photo shoot was a treat for herself from her: a well deserved pampered day off. She recently completed a university course and is celebrating a whole slew of significant life changes and successes.
Bravo Chantal! xx

Makeover and glamour portrait session. 05_ChantalL_242 17_ChantalL_242 52_ChantalL_242

What other words come to mind when seeing these elegant and beautiful portraits?

Makeup by Erica Wright MUA.