Luminous and radiant beauty makeover portrait session: Abelle Photography

Luminous – Radiant – Stunning – Delicious – Glowing – Resplendent

Makeover and glamour portrait session

No, these are not words I plan on using at Scrabble. These are a few of the words that kept running through my head during this makeover portrait session with Chantal. She is a force to be reckoned with and she is sexy, funny and kind to boot!
This photo shoot was a treat for herself from her: a well deserved pampered day off. She recently completed a university course and is celebrating a whole slew of significant life changes and successes.
Bravo Chantal! xx

Makeover and glamour portrait session. 05_ChantalL_242 17_ChantalL_242 52_ChantalL_242

What other words come to mind when seeing these elegant and beautiful portraits?

Makeup by Erica Wright MUA.


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