Newborn Photography Session: Julie + Mark = Liam

We met at the Elegant Wedding Show in 2010. They were married at Chantecler, near Montreal, in January of 2012. Their real-wedding story made it to the pages of Wedding Bells. They attended my 40th surprise barn-dance birthday party, and now I’m pleased to introduce their son Liam. We spent most of the day together and between feeding, diaper changes and giggles, we created these amazing family portraits. How cute is this?

Here is a link to Liam’s image gallery:

photo of a newborn baby and his mother

Baby Liam and mother

Liam and mother sitting under a tree

Liam and mother sitting under a tree.

newborn baby in a basket

Liam in a basket.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Black and white portrait of Liam and his father.

Newborn's tiny foot

Liam’s tiny toes.

Looking at mother and father

Tender moment with mom and dad.

Another family portrait.

Another tender family moment.

Sleeping baby resting on father's shoulder.

Liam resting on his father’s shoulder.


Picture of a baby crying.

The Christmas Grinch

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