I love Lake Ontario. Love it. It’s beautiful, it’s turquoise, it has waves, sandy beaches, and best of all, it doesn’t have sharks! 🙂

I was saddened to find out that it is the most polluted lake in Canada as the other Great Lakes flow into it. I am concerned with water pollution in general. I worry one day the water quality will not only be poor but it will be toxic as is the case in other parts of the world. I cannot imagine a life without swimming!

Canadians have the increased responsibility of being the guardians of

20 percent of the planet’s precious freshwater resources.


On my end, I do my best to use less water, especially water provided by my municipality that has to be chemically treated. If I use less, I also release less wastewater that has then to be treated later on. So I aim to put less pressure on the system.

This year, I made the resolution that I was going to cut back on the quantity of water I would use. I reuse the bath and shower water to flush the toilet. I water my plants with water I use to rinse out dishes throughout the day. (I don’t own a dishwasher.) I practice selective flushing (ha! ha!). I do laundry only when I have a full load. As well as many other gestures that make a difference.

My water consumption went down from 9 cubic meters this Winter to 8 m3 this Spring to 7 m3 this last trimester. In 6 months, I was able to reduce my consumption by 2ooo liters! That is a lot of water for one person. Ironically, the municipality didn’t reward me with a reduced bill. I still paid the same amount.

For these shots of Lake Ontario, I underexposed using my old iPhone. Underexposing is, in my opinion, the best way to convey the beauty of light and nature. The effect is stunning and the colors pop. We tend to overexpose most of the time by letting the camera (or phone) do the metering for us. When it comes to light, snow, ice, and water, underexposing is usually the most striking thing to do.

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