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Beauty Makeover and In-Studio Elegant Photography Session: Abelle Portraits

This elegant lady and I are connected. We come from the same little farm town. A town so small it wasn’t even on the map when I was growing up: Iron Hill, Quebec.

She says she came upon journalism later on in life. She is a freelance writer, marketer and TV producer and host. She is also an avid community supporter and promoter of the community in which she lives and serves. She has an knack for networking. Listening to her talk about her engagements for the upcoming week made me tired. She is a vivacious, curious, inspiring and authentic.

She came fully prepared for the session. During the pre-shoot consultation, we talked about what to wear and how to get ready for the shoot. We discussed outfit choices: colours, material, necklines, textures and accessories. I would give her an A+ for the getting ready part of the shoot. This made things easier for us during the photography session. I feel the portraits below are the result of a great team effort.

Abelle makeover portrait photography session

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Erica Wright MUA worked her magic during the beauty makeover session. The result is stunning. I love Doreen’s short strawberry blond hair and those blues eyes. (Somehow the images of Anne Murray and a younger Judi Dench kept popping up in my mind during the photo shoot. Do you see it too?). She didn’t even look at her reflection once the hair and makeup transformation was finished. Then, together we created these elegant photographs.
Thank you Doreen for this memorable opportunity.

The importance of a great headshot: Abelle Portraits

Whether it is to promote your personal blog, your small business, your business Facebook page or your LinkedIn profile a professional looking headshot is essential. Also called corporate portrait, I prefer the term “personal branding” photographs for this type of headshot. Most of us take great care in branding our business.

Professional corporate portrait:

As your personality is an extension of your brand, I feel a quality well-lit headshot is equally important. What message are you trying to convey with this portrait? casual, friendly, approachable, fun, professional, trustworthy, elegant, feminine, strong, …
Here is a great article from the Huffington Post offering advice on the matter.

Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait: Professional corporate portrait:

Family Portraiture: Abelle Portrait Photography

The family portrait: it never gets old and is forever precious.
Images of your family, whether taken professionally or spontaneously, are the most precious thing you will ever own. Cherish them. Get them printed and framed and showcased on your walls.

The amazing process behind restoring a 355-year-old family portrait

Charles Le Brun (French, Paris 1619–1690) Everhard Jabach (1618–1695) and His Family, ca. 1660 Oil on canvas; 110 1/4 × 129 1/8 in. (280 × 328 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, in honor of Keith Christiansen, 2014 (2014.250)

Charles Le Brun (French, Paris 1619–1690 Paris)
Everhard Jabach (1618–1695) and His Family, ca. 1660
Oil on canvas; 110 1/4 × 129 1/8 in. (280 × 328 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, in honor of Keith Christiansen, 2014 (2014.250)




Montreal Family Photo Session: Abelle photographie

Rewind to July 14, 2012. One of the warmest days on record. A & C tied the knot at Auberge des Gallant. I went through 2 sweat wristbands and drank 3 liters of water in one afternoon photographing their wedding.

Fast forward to 2015: V is a newcomer to this beautiful, funny and endearing family. It was time for new family photographs so that’s what we did last Sunday morning.
These images were created with the wonderful help of dogs, a bubble gun and a sippy cup.
Family portrait photo session.

Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session. Family portrait photo session.

Empowering Women One Makeover Beauty Portrait At a Time: Abelle Photography

Women. We are strong and vulnerable at the same time. We love our sibblings, family, partners and children to bits. We love to have photographs of the people we love in our space. When the camera is turned toward us, many of us don’t feel pretty enough. ”I’ll get my photograph taken when I lose 10 pounds, when I get my hair cut or colored, when I get a tan,… Not me. Not now.”

The makeover and beauty portrait photoshoot experience is fun. The beautiful photographs created are secondary. It’s the experience, the pampering session that often leads to the start of a beautiful transformation that is more than skin deep. Women feel empowered.
Exist in photographs is a beautiful movement that strives to change that. Photographs of you are the best gift you can give the people in your life. #existinphotos.

For more images of this makeover beauty portrait session:

More than photographs – Abelle is building connections

Over the years, I’ve never taken the time to acknowledge and be grateful for the words of love I get from clients who often turn into friends. Every year, former clients (weddings, portraits, family, baby, belly photography sessions,…) take time to reach out and send me words of gratitude and thank you cards, not just at Christmas but year round. I am blessed with amazing clients who touch my heart and remind me how lucky I am to be a people and portrait photographer.

Abelle photographie family portrait

Christmas card sent to Abelle photographie

Abelle photographie wedding Abelle photographie wedding

Photographie de maternité: du nouveau à l’atelier de Abelle Photographie

Je ne sais pas si c’est le printemps qui amène cette vague de sessions photographie de maternité, mais cette année, elles sont nombreuses. Nous avons donc fais du magasinage afin d’agrémenter les sessions: jupe de crinoline, jupe et poncho vaporeux et robe bandeau avec traîne. Vous vous voyez déjà dans un champ, une plage ou une clarière et la robe qui bat au vent? Voici quelques images de ce que contient notre nouvelle garde-robe:

Crinoline pour session maternité

Jupe crinoline à taille élastique.

robe pour session maternité

Robe bandeau avec traîne et fente.

jupe vaporeuse pour session maternité

Poncho et jupe vaporeuse pour laisser entrevoir votre ventre bien rond.




















































Voici aussi quelques conseils et choses à garder en tête avant votre prochaine séance de photographie de maternité:
– Afin d’éviter les marques sur la peau (bretelles de soutien gorge, lignes de bas,…) portez des vêtements amples avant le début de la session. Nous choisirons ensemble les différents habits pour la session.
– Les sous-vêtements et dessous de couleur chair sont toujours pratiques et de mise surtout lorsqu’ils sont portés sous des tissus transparents et vaporeux. La Senza offre des dessous sans couture parfait pour ce genre de shooting: Des soutien-gorge bandeaux sont aussi très pratiques: blanc, noir, chair ou très colorés afin d’être mis en valeur. Quelques suggestions: ou encore jouez de la dentelle. Bon magasinage!
– Choisissez quelques vêtements ajustés mettant en vedette vos formes. On veut le montrer votre bedon rond!
– Les camisoles de diverses couleurs sont intéressantes.
– Pensez à vous hydrater et à manger avant la séance et un peu pendant. Une baisse de sucre ou d’énergie se voit tout de suite dans vos yeux et sur les photos.
– Un maquillage léger et naturel égalise le teint et définit les traits (yeux et bouche). Nous pourrons faire des retouches pendant la session pour un look plus «glamour» au besoin.

Maternity portrait of young mother shot by Abelle photographie Maternity portrait of young mother shot by Abelle photographie


Maternity portrait of young mother shot by Abelle photographie

Impressions sur canevas: des œuvres d’art pour vos murs réalisées par Abelle photographie

Comme je le mentionnais dans la dernière rubrique, je crois fermement qu’il faut délivrer les fichiers numériques de leur prison: les disques durs. Ces vilains disques représentent un compte à rebours vers leur date d’expiration. Dans mon milieu, on dit souvent: «ce n’est pas SI le disque dur mourra mais plutôt QUAND il rendra l’âme.» C’est connu, les disques durs, toutes marques confondues, sont tous susceptibles de devenir illisibles. On recommande donc d’avoir au minimum deux copies de vos images à deux endroits différents. Pour le photographe amateur ou celui ou celle qui documente l’histoire de sa famille, c’est une tâche peu intéressante et ardue. L’impression d’une image sur papier ou canevas de qualité quant à elle, ne demande aucune source d’alimentation, de gigaoctets, de mise à jour de logiciel ni de connaissances techniques et technologiques poussées. Dernièrement, mon conjoint a fait le tri de photographies de ces ancêtres. Certaines images ont de plus de 125 ans et sont encore en parfaite condition.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Une portrait classique redouble d’élégance grand format.

Quelles images laisserons-nous à nos enfants en héritage et surtout sous quelles formes: CD/DVD, téléphones intelligents, disque dur avec prise USB, clé USB,… Seront-ils encore capables de les admirer dans 5 ans?

Dans mon atelier, j’ai choisi de commencer 2014 du bon pied en investissant dans des impressions sur canevas de grands et moyens formats: un 8″x10″ est pas mal petit sur le mur de salon. Je suis maintenant entourée de portraits qui me rappellent de bons moments et le pourquoi j’aime tant mon métier.
Au delà des fichiers numériques haute résolution, sélectionnez LE/LES coup(s) de coeur de la session photographique de maternité, de bébé ou de vos photographies de mariage et affichez-le sur votre mur.

Assurez-vous que votre fournisseur/laboratoire imprime sur un canevas de qualité. Choisissez une bordure de couleur solide (j’aime bien le blanc, noir ou gris neutre) ou encore la continuation de votre image. Ici, la toile est montée sur un cadre de bois solide d’une épaisseur variant de 1/2 à 1 1/4 pouce. Le produit finit inclus la quincaillerie pour l’accrochage.

Pour voir d’autres exemples de nos produits imprimés, visitez le lien suivant:

Ces images me fournissent des ondes positives à chaque fois que je les regarde. Ça doit bien être feng shui, ça?! Bref, je vous encourage à faire de même. Faites imprimez vos photos!

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie Les détails de l’impression sont impressionnants. On y voit même les tâches de rousseur.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Ici, la bordure a été réalisée avec la continuation de l’image. Cadre de 3/4 pouce.

Une touche colorée dans l’atelier. Vive la bonne humeur et la couleur verte de la nature.
Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Très important de regarder la qualité de l’impression et de l’assemblage. Ici, c’est parfaitement à mon goût. En plus l’entretien est très simple: on enlève la poussière avec un linge sec.

Impression sur canevas: Abelle photographie

Les détails de l’impression sont impressionnants et le fini est très intéressant.

Abelle Photographie Fine Art Portraiture: New Portfolio Boxes and Prints

Fine art quality black portfolio boxes

Isn’t this adorable? For your coffee table or your bookcase perhaps?




















This is so exciting! After some investigation and a good word from our fellow photographer Barbara, I finally tested out Finao’s and Seldex’s portfolio boxes. I couldn’t wait to get the parcel. They are so great; we’ve introduced them into our line of quality custom photography products. The professional mounted prints are exquisite. They feature quality printing and are presented in an acid-free premium white cotton fiber mat. Kristyn at Finao worked on those herself and she did a super job.

The portfolio box is delicious. We’ve chosen black brocade. This box comes with -what else?- a tie ribbon. The whole set feels and looks luxurious. We want to include a cutsy tabletop easel with each box. That way you can showcase your professional family portrait photos, your private and sexy boudoir images, your intimate and sweet professional pregnancy and maternity photographs or your precious Montreal or Ottawa wedding photos. To see more images like these and to browse through our lineup of fine photography products visit:

Let them out!! Get those image files out of USB keys, CDs and hard drives! Let them embellish your life! When it comes to digital media storage devices, the saying is: “it isn’t if your drive fails but rather when it fails.“ Please let your images out of your USB memory sticks and do them justice. Invest in archival quality prints. They never crash!

Black quality portfolio box with a premium matted fine art print

You can change the print or prints you showcase over time. The prints are ready for framing.


White metal tabletop easel

Easels come in white or black in various sizes: 9 in, 11 in and 13 in.

Mounted professional wedding image

Show off your precious wedding images.

Mounted professional family portrait image

Display your family photographs and change them over time.

Black fine art quality portfolio box with ribbon

Ribbon? Did you say ribbon? If there is a ribbon shortage in your area, come to me!



Montreal Baby and Family Photographer: Abelle photographie

So I mentioned that December 2013 was C R A Z Y, right? Well, it was extremely busy and extremely fun. I had to face all 3 storms (ok a mini storm and two major ones) in order to create and deliver Christmas images.

As in the previous blog post, I went back to NDG, Montreal, to visit this couple’s latest addition to the family. I was first introduced to A & C back in 2011 by Matt and Kim (I also photographed their vineyard wedding in 2009). Abelle photographed this couple’s wedding in 2012, then I photographed the Christmas family portrait last year and in December of 2013 I had the pleasure of photographing Violet, their baby girl. I was so touched to walk in the house and get to meet the result of so much love and tenderness. I really felt like the «family photographer». Violet was a superb model. There were some outfit changes and one milk break (or two? I can’t remember) yet Violet lasted well over 60 minutes. Here are some of the photographs she allowed us to create. To see more images from this session, visit:

Do you or someone you know wish to get their sweet little angel photographed? Share this post with them and let them know Abelle is available and would be delighted to do so? or 514 259-5006

Professional Baby Photographer: Abelle photographie

Violet looking confidently at the camera.

Professional Christmas portrait of a Baby.

Oh! Oh! Oh! How cute is this?

Professional Baby Portrait shot by Abelle Photographie in Montreal.

Violet’s First Christmas Pyjamas.


Professional Baby Portrait in Montreal by Abelle Photographie

Sweet angel.